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I have an excuse

So I’ve been kinda sick the last few days.


I’m glad its the weekend now because I would have had to call out of work today (my wife probably thinks I should have called out yesterday, but I have my manhood to uphold). And I promise that a ‘real’ post is coming soon, but I wanted to share this thought in my weakened mental state.

Its funny to think that when I felt this way and stayed home from church as a result, that there were always some people willing to make me feel guilty about it. After all, how could I dare miss church if I still went to work? Isn’t God more important?

I would wrestle with this. A lot. But I came to a conclusion that going to church doesn’t pay the bills, put food on my table, clothes on my family or keep a roof over our heads. So if I have to stay home so that I am rested enough to go to work the next day, I am doing the right thing.

And isn’t God everywhere anyway? I guess they forgot about that one.


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