About This Blog (and its author)

Hi.  I’m Dan.  I’m a regular dude trying to figure life out for myself after growing up as an Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB).  Some of the posts here are verbalizations of the inner monologues that brought me out of the IFB movement.  Some of the posts are about observations that I have made as a member of the IFB.  And some of the posts are just good old-fashioned therapy.



4 responses to “About This Blog (and its author)

  • dmbaldwin

    I came out of the Conservative Baptist movement. We were flaming liberals compared to you guys. We were conservative enough to have given me some things I need to deal with at this stage of my journey.
    Thank you so much for starting this blog.


    I have spent countless hours over the last month reading about fundamentalism. I am driven to do so because of the fact that I was engaged to a man who was involved with a group like this. We were using similar language about roles in marriage, but it had a very different meaning to him than to me. I really had no idea what he was all about until he lost his temper with me for trying to “lead”. Then I began to piece together a lot of little things, got on the internet and put it all together. In less than 12 hours, I called off the engagement. As a life-long Christian, I have only ever known the freedom I have in Christ. As a widow with a small child, I wanted to hand my burdens off to a loving husband, but apparently my burdens would be have been exchanged for bondage to legalism and his whims. No thanks. I’ll bear my burdens and live under grace instead.

  • Jen S

    I had no idea that there were others like me. I too grew up in the IFB and have struggled for almost 30 years to find my place outside of it as well as the consequences of leaving. Thank you for sharing your story.

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