I have an excuse

So I’ve been kinda sick the last few days.


I’m glad its the weekend now because I would have had to call out of work today (my wife probably thinks I should have called out yesterday, but I have my manhood to uphold). And I promise that a ‘real’ post is coming soon, but I wanted to share this thought in my weakened mental state.

Its funny to think that when I felt this way and stayed home from church as a result, that there were always some people willing to make me feel guilty about it. After all, how could I dare miss church if I still went to work? Isn’t God more important?

I would wrestle with this. A lot. But I came to a conclusion that going to church doesn’t pay the bills, put food on my table, clothes on my family or keep a roof over our heads. So if I have to stay home so that I am rested enough to go to work the next day, I am doing the right thing.

And isn’t God everywhere anyway? I guess they forgot about that one.


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6 responses to “I have an excuse

  • M.E. Anders

    No worries, Dan. Take as much time as you need to feel better – let the wife spoil you. 🙂

  • Michelle

    Good post!

  • Mike

    Just to add to add my .02 cents. If you really are sick, wouldn’t it be entirely unloving of you to come to church and expose others to the illness? I mean I know that it impossible to worship God when not in a church building and that rest was more of a suggestion that a command in the scriptures and that Jesus doesn’t love us as much when we miss church but all the same, keep your sick self away from us when you have the plague. You can always get your salvation back later (unless the illness is fatal in which case you’re going to burn).

    P.S. I was raised Catholic where it really is a sin to skip church for anything but illness. But even they give you illness.

    • Dan

      Haha, see the thing about it, Mike, is that the rationality of the situation is not the issue. Its the fact that they now have an excuse to make the burden of guilt just a little bit heavier and they take advantage of it.

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