Innocent Criminals

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Remember that story in the New Testament where Christ and His disciples walked through the grain fields on the sabbath?  Overcome by hunger, they plucked the grain and ate it.  The Pharisees were quick to point out the gross violation of the sabbath law, but Christ rebuked them.  He said, ‘If you had known what this means, “I desire mercy and not sacrifice” you would not have condemned the guiltless.’

Condemning the guiltless is the mission statement of the IFB.  Finding fault where God sees none.  Drawing lines where an all-knowing and just God has not seen fit to draw them.  Half of my life as a fundy was spent trying to justify these extra-biblical statutes in my mind and the other half was spent trying to live up to them.

Here’s the kicker.  Jesus clearly stated that His desire from us is Mercy.  Not sacrifice.  Showing God how awesome I am by making my life harder than He intended for it to be is selfish, arrogant, and stupid.  Passing those standards on to people who are trusting me to lead them in the right path is irresponsible, sick and twisted.

If only it was that obvious from inside the bubble….

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4 responses to “Innocent Criminals

  • brian

    True. Why r we trying to prove how Christian we r by making ourselves miserable. God wants us to be happy. Pharisees are still very much alive! Great point

  • Michelle

    Amen! Great post; and thanks for “liking” my post!

    Over the past couple years in my own recovery from “fundy-ism,” I have been relying more and more on Christ’s teachings and less on the “letter of the law.” I am much more secure in my relationship with Christ now than I ever was as a “fundamentalist,” although you might not guess that from reading my book. (or maybe you would; who knows?)

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