It has to start somewhere

The irony is that somebody may actually read this.

It’s ironic because this blog is intended as a mental workshop to whittle and form the obscurity that resides in my head into something tangible and obvious.  I have a lot to work out.  And, while you are more than welcome to come along for the ride, bear in mind that you are entering a very strange place: my brain.

Its even more ironic, because I am talking to you like you are there.  I find that it helps me to think, though, so don’t go anywhere.

This blog will be a place to discuss, hash-out, or {insert your favorite term for brainstorm/wrestling here} my journey away from what is commonly known as the Independent Fundamental Baptist movement.  Of course, if you know anything about the movement at all, you know that it can also be called the independent fundamental devil-hating sin-stomping KJV-only-preaching skirt-wearing hymn-singing militant separated (and the list can continue for hours) movement.  For the sake of my fingers, I will refer to this movement in this blog as the IFB.

I will discuss the reasons that I left, the internal turmoil that I dealt with in doing so, the actual process of walking out, and some analysis of the movement itself with my new outside viewpoint.  I may even share a story or two from other people who have left just to help me see it from someone else’s perspective as well.

As all attempts at self therapy, there is no doubt in my mind that this is a dangerous venture.  Who knows what I will uncover as I think through and relive some of these moments and feelings?  Feel free to come along for the ride.  And if you plan on being mature and compassionate, don’t hesitate to leave comments with your opinions and viewpoints as well.

That is, if you are there.


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